Tuxedo Park Residence, NY

This expansive property is a 20,000 sq ft single family residence in Tuxedo Park, New York, with many heating and cooling requirements and challenges. Natural Energy Solutions assessed the home and designed a system with eleven geothermal units for heating and cooling, two geothermal units and three racks of evacuated tube solar thermal for domestic hot water, two pools, a spa, and a koi pond. Both the family and the koi now live comfortably in this beautiful home throughout the seasons.

Tuxedo Park Residence, NY
20,000 sq.ft.
Single Family
Energy audit consultation
Heating and cooling system design
Geothermal Heating and Cooling 11 in house units, 3 Evacuated tube solar thermal for hot water, 4 Geothermal units and 15 evacuated tube Solar thermal panels for heating of 2 pools , spa and koi pond