If you’ve considered green energy to cut down on rising utility bills, Natural Energy Solutions can help you find the best green energy system for you. We design and install energy systems for residential and commercial clients throughout New York State. Our services include design and installation of solar panels, geothermal heating and cooling systems, radiant flooring, and solar water-heating solutions. With renewable energy, our clients enjoy comfortable homes and offices and a dramatic reduction in their power costs.

Natural Energy Solutions is a leader in renewable energy and prides itself in providing custom state-of-the-art guidance for customers through every step of the process. The company was founded by Eric Maskell, a NABCEP-, IGHSPA-, Nyserda-, and NATE-certified contractor, and a factory-trained WaterFurnace dealer.

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The earth absorbs 47% of the sun’s energy—five hundred times more than mankind uses each year. Let solar be an endless source of power for your home or business.


Geothermal heating and cooling systems can reduce energy consumption and emissions by 40 to 70% It takes less energy to bring your home to a comfortable level with geothermal.


The cost of solar panels has declined 80% since 2008. That means more people than ever can go green and avoid fluctuating energy prices each month. Now is the time to invest in solar panels and cut fossil fuels.


Installing a geothermal system is the environmental equivalent of planting seven-hundred and fifty trees or removing two cars from the road. Geothermal energy is also a more consistent natural energy source than solar.


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